Ek Sampurna Sangalo,2013

 At the outset, i would like to greet you all for stopping over this blog. I setup this blog in 2010. Since then I've made many  improvements in this blog. With a idea to Sprinkle general things that a person needs to know in His/Her life and with a view to create a platform to provide entertainment materials to the general people, this Blog is created. Though, this blog is not up to reach with the goals that are set, I'd be doing my best to reach where i dream this blog to be. With a view to create interactions among people in the Social Networking sites, the Facebook page of this blog is also created which has got more than 200 likes by now. That's not a great deal in general but its a great achievement for me, as a novice program enthusiastic. I hope you'll surely like and appreciate my effort. Thank you!

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